Device Controls

Function:                                 Operation:

Power On                                Remove buds and press the MBF for 2 seconds

Power Off                                Press the MBF for 5 seconds

Pairing Mode                           Long press MBF for 5 seconds while power is off

Play/pause                              Single press MBF button

Answer Call                             Single press MBF button

Hang up                                   Single press MBF button

Ignore call                               Long press MBF on any earbud for 1 second

Redial                                      Double press MBF on any earbud

1) Fully charge the device before pairing. [4 white LED's will light up]

2) Remove both earbuds at the same time and insert in your ears [indicator light on both earbuds will be red]

3) On your device in your Bluetooth menu, search for "Prime Sports" and connect.


If the two earbuds don't connect automatically as described in Quick Start step 2, above:

Double click on the left earbud's MFB and wait 5 seconds.

Try switching off both buds by pressing and holding the MBF down. (See Device Controls above.) Then, insert them into the charging case. When the LED's on the bud light up, proceed to Step Two of the Quick Start guide.

Here at Prime Brands Group, we pride ourselves in customer satisfaction. If your device isn't working the way that it should, submit a warranty claim to get started on your replacement.

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